Croda's Chris Dederen Scoops Industry Award

Dr. Chris Dederen, a Research and Technology Specialist for Croda’s Consumer Care sector, was recently announced as the winner of the Allan R. Black award in the 2013 honors, for best presentation at the 2012 annual conference for Society of Cosmetic Chemists, for his highly regarded presentation; “Sensory Mapping Methodology Detects the Substantial Perceptible Effects of Emulsifiers in Emulsions”.

The original presentation concept and resulting Sensification™ program grew from research by the late Dr. Johann Wiechers in 1998. Dr. Wiechers was concerned with why formulated cosmetic ingredients feel as they do, and the complementary relationship between emollients and emulsifiers.

The knowledge behind the paper has immersed itself within the Global Croda team and continues to grow with the development of the Sensification™ project - the science behind sensory innovation™, an easy-to-use system that allows formulators and marketers to navigate the complex landscape of sensory descriptors in a clear and defined way. Croda are soon to present the resulting innovations and growing initiatives at the 2014 in-cosmetics exhibition being held in Hamburg, Germany on 1-3 April 2014.

Collecting the award on behalf of Dr. Dederen was long term colleague, Jennifer C. Donahue, marketing manager, of Croda Inc. who was keen to recognise the great and invaluable contributions made towards the presentation by the Sensification project statistician Cornelis Verboom and the late Dr. Wiechers.

Speaking of his award, Dr. Dederen said “Winning this award is testament to the outstanding work of the Croda team involved and demonstrates the importance of sensory perception within formulations in the industry” and further added “I am encouraged to continue on the quest for scientific understanding.”

Dr. Dederen, an employee of Croda Belgium BVBA, developed his career across markets, gaining experience with ICI and Uniqema, where he was first introduced to this project. He joined Croda in 2006 and has quickly vaulted his way through the industry and the company, currently settled as a Research and Technology Specialist in the Consumer Care sector.

Image caption: Dr. Chris Dederen (right) receiving award from Croda’s Research & Technology Director for Personal Care, Dr. Ian Tooley.

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