Delivering Perfect Sunscreen Sprays that Stay with Volarest™ FL

Croda, a global specialty chemical company, is excited to launch new data supporting the use of Volarest™ FL in sunscreen applications.

Delivering Perfect Sunscreens that Stay

Volarest FL is a high performance polymer designed to offer the Personal Care market more consumer-appealing cosmetics. By including Volarest FL in a formulation, formulators can generate that ‘WOW’ factor through a product’s delivery, sensory and appearance.

Volarest FL has been shown to deliver targeted, non-drip sprayable sunscreens; a more convenient and easy-to-use solution to standard low viscosity systems available on the market today. The fast-growing sprayable market creates new challenges for formulators: to develop new formulations that are not only easy to apply but also provide effective skin care benefits in a sensorially-appealing light, non-tacky way. Many of today’s sprayable products are formulated as low viscosity emulsions so that they can effectively pass through the spray nozzle. This can restrict formulators as their palette of ingredients can become limited and stability maybe difficult to achieve. Though low viscosity emulsions spray effectively, they lack the “Fly-Stay” behaviour which prevents drip.

The novel polymer architecture and “Fly-Stay” Technology of Volarest FL makes it the perfect solution for targeted delivery of a sunscreen product.

Sunscreens created with Volarest FL offer a number of consumer-appealing attributes including convenience, non-drip, improved sensory benefits and less whitening on the skin. Vigorous performance testing has shown that Volarest FL can be used to create thick sprayable sunscreens with a broad range of inorganic and organic UV filters as well as varying SPF protection levels.

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