In order to meet the needs of our customers, address market trends and continually grow as a business, innovation runs through every aspect of the way we operate and the ingredients we make. We are continually challenging ourselves to capture leading-edge technologies, knowledge and expertise and building rich patent portfolios.


Our ingredients are relied on to deliver product performance by industries and consumers worldwide. So whilst our name many not be known on the highstreet, we are the people behind million and billion-pound brands. Our ongoing investment in technology gives us this position, which is supported by our Technology Investment Group (TIG) who is responsible for identifing and integrating exciting new technologies that offer solutions to future customer and market needs.


Sustainability is part of everything we do. We believe that being a responsible company means that from the materials we use, to the ingredients we create and the way we manufacture and operate, we should make a positive contribution to people’s lives and the world they live in. Our balanced sustainability approach considers environmental, social and economic impacts and our established long term sustainability strategy has tough performance targets to ensure we adapt and challenge ourselves to meet business needs today and in the future.