Our business is split into three segments aligned to our target markets: Consumer Care, Performance Technologies and Industrial Chemicals.

In all three segments, our focus is on developing and delivering innovative ingredients. Our ingredients are often only a small percentage of the finished product, but it is that percentage that makes the difference by being the active ingredient with unique performance claims, or the element that gives the product the right feel or function.

Consumer Care

This segment addresses the fast-growing, niche markets in:

Personal Care , including hair care, skin care, sun care and colour cosmetics applications
Health Care, including human pharmaceuticals and dermatology, nutrition and animal health
Crop Care, including additives for herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.

Performance Technologies

This segment focuses on the specialist markets of:

Lubricants, for engine oils, fuel additives and hydraulic fluids
Polymer Additives, for injection moulding, PVC, printing inks and thermal paper
Coatings & Polymers, for adhesives, sealants, plastics, foams and advanced ceramics
Geo Technologies, for dispersants used in oilfields and emulsifiers used in mine explosives
Home Care, for laundry and fabric care, polishes and vehicle care.

Industrial Chemicals

The ingredients we produce for this segment are largely based on renewable raw materials; they have strong sustainability credentials as they are often a result of our manufacturing processes for our other operations.

Technology Investment Group

All our business segments are supported by our Technology Investment Group (TIG), which exists to identify and integrate exciting new technologies that will enable us to deliver customer and market needs.

We attend a number of exhibitions and tradeshows throughout the year, a calendar of these is available here.