We at Croda contribute to a healthier world by offering ingredients and expertise which help our pharmaceutical customers get the best performance from their active ingredients.

Our excipient portfolio is designed to meet customer needs across topical, oral and parenteral routes of administration. We offer a complete range of high purity Super Refined™ excipients which optimise the delivery and stability of APIs and drug formulations while maintaining API integrity. We help our customers formulate their way to successful product life cycle management, achieving increased patient compliance and advocacy through greater convenience, enhanced bioavailability, improved aesthetics and better outcomes.

Our ongoing investment in research and technology ensures the continual delivery of exceptional high purity excipients and the development of new speciality products to answer the current and future needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

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We also produce high purity Omega 3 fish oil concentrates that provide clinically supported health benefits for nutritional and pharmaceutical use. Our Incromega™ and OmeRx™ fish oil concentrates are produced using proprietary PureMax™ technology, providing our customers with the highest level of quality assurance at every step in the supply chain. The technical and manufacturing expertise behind PureMax ensures high levels of purity, potency and 100% quality guarantee.

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