We offer a unique range of speciality products delivering superior performance to formulators in the automotive and industrial lubricant markets.

Utilising multiple technology platforms our range of functional ingredients are essential components used in meeting the lubrication needs of today and the performance and legislative targets of the future.

At Croda, our combination of application expertise, a dedicated market team and scientific resources has created a powerful business designed to deliver efficient and reliable service. It is our aim to continue to seek opportunities to develop innovative products and services which contribute to sustainable development, improve quality of life and generate value.

Our products will continue to help to: Improve fuel economy; Reduce emissions; Extend oil drain intervals; Improve equipment durability; Increase production efficiency

Our Lubricants applications include: engine oils, fuel additives, gear and transmission fluids, metalworking fluids, greases, hydraulic fluids, industrial gear oils, rolling oils, chain oils, compressor lubricants, quenching fluids and gas turbine engine lubricants.

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