We provide the high performance answer to the global market trend towards more sustainable formulation solutions in adhesives and coatings.

At Croda Coatings and Polymers, we have an established history in supplying environmentally friendly solutions to the resin manufacturers, paint formulators and additive producers around the globe. Our product ranges of high performance bio-based building blocks and speciality additives deliver innovative answers and meet the growing needs of our customers and their customers to contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Recent sustainable innovations include B-Tough™ C2r a VOC free speciality additive that protects heavy-duty indoor and outdoor coatings against tough conditions, Priplast ™ 1901 an easy to use and flexible bio-based polyester polyol with excellent adhesive properties to wood, steel and plastics and Maxemul™ versatile emulsifiers for VOC free epoxy emulsions used in wall paints, floor coatings and metal protection applications.

Our Coatings and Polymers applications include: high-end polyurethane and epoxy adhesives,  industrial and protective coatings, decorative paints and many more.

Please visit our Coatings and Polymers website to learn more about our products and technology platforms.