Sustainability is central to the way we do business. 10 Material Areas and accompanying longer term objectives are at the core of our programme, which is aligned with our Business strategy.

By material, we mean the areas with the potential to affect the long term success of our business and the economies, environments and societies in which we operate, which includes the areas of most importance to our stakeholders. In short: what matters most to our long term business success. 

These areas of materiality address the six most significant global drivers to our Business, which were defined following a review of the BITC ‘Forces for Change’ report. The review received input from a large number of employee across all levels of the business, from our Group Executive Committee, to our senior Leadership Development Group, regional middle management 2020 networks, and our current and past Graduate Trainees from the past five years.

By asking ourselves what opportunities and threats these global drivers present to our business, we focus our sustainability strategy on what matters most to us now and in the future.