Everyone in our Business, regardless of their role or responsibility, is focused on delivering the innovation that drives our growth. Responding to the unmet needs of our customers by creating, co-creating, acquiring or licensing new technology is an important aspect of this and ensures that we continuously deliver quality innovation to our chosen markets.

Identifying unmet needs
Our journey to deliver innovation starts with an unmet need that is identified through market insight. Customers play a significant role in this as they offer deeper marketplace understanding and approach us to work exclusively on new technologies. This privileged access to our customers’ needs is coupled with in-house market-wide research to ensure that we capture and quantify all opportunities for innovation.

Three routes to innovation
We offer the best-in-class, leading technology to address the unmet needs of our markets and we achieve this through:

  • Internal Innovation – In-house Research & Development teams that operate globally
  • Open Innovation – Collaboration primarily with our customers or academic institutions
  • External Innovation – Identifying and acquiring novel class-leading technology

Quality of Innovation
Our focus is on quality of innovation, not quantity. We have unique manufacturing processes and rigorous claims testing that are supported by quality, environmental and health & safety systems. These systems have received many industry accreditations and ensure that we deliver products that meet our customers’ demands, right first time, every time.