Croda: World Leaders in Speciality Chemicals

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Croda employs a variety of ‘traditional’ chemical processes to convert natural based raw materials (mainly vegetable oils and fats such as rapeseed, coconut and palm oils) into fatty acids and glycerol, and then further refine and process them into a range of functional specialities.

Hydrolysis Acylation Chromatography
Alkoxylation Crystallisation Amidation
Distillation Esterification Quaternisation

In addition, however, Croda has developed its own technologies. For example, our Super Refining® technology attains the highest quality standards demanded by the personal care and health care/nutrition markets.

Croda’s position as one of the world’s leading suppliers of Omega 3 fish oil concentrates has been strengthened by developing an advanced purification and concentration technology, Puremax™, to create high quality, pharmaceutical grade products. Crodarom, which produces plant and botanical extracts, has developed its own ‘microwave technology’ to extract the oils and attain high levels of purity. Croda’s expertise in refining technology has consolidated our position as the world’s number one producer of lanolin – our first ever product and still important today.

The role of Croda’s Enterprise Technology division is to identify and integrate new technologies into Croda’s global business structure, a recent example being the successful integration of brand new research and manufacturing resources in the exciting field of biotechnology.

With technical centres strategically located worldwide, our technologists work closely together, sharing ideas and information, to ensure that Croda is always at the leading edge of new technology in all its chosen markets.