Croda: World Leaders in Speciality Chemicals

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Personal Care

Croda is one of the world’s leading global suppliers of speciality raw materials for the personal care industry, working with their customers to meet consumer needs.

Supported by proven efficacy testing, Croda’s wide and diverse product range combines functionality with innovation to deliver sophisticated ingredients and actives that meet the needs of specific consumer demands.

Over the last decade, Croda's skin, sun and hair care technologists have opened up new vistas for manufacturers with the creation of unique and patented technologies designed to answer current and future market trends. An optimised mix of natural raw material sourcing combined with creative chemistry enables Croda to offer exceptional solutions to the challenges facing their customers.

Beyond speciality ingredients, Croda’s expertise in formulation development, claims substantiation, market analysis and regulatory support provides customers with immediate access to all services that are essential for successful personal care product development and implementation.

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