The Acts of Kindness Initiative is our commitment to make available up to £200,000 to support communities close to our manufacturing sites through the challenges presented by Covid-19.

This initiative reflects our values of being a ‘responsible’ part of the communities in which we operate and acting ‘together’ as one Croda family. Through this initiative we have seen some incredible ways in which we are supporting local communities. 

Asia Pacific

  • Cikarang have been donating PPE as well as making hand sanitiser and antibacterial hand soap to supply local hospitals
  • At Croda India they have been supporting local families with food baskets, as well as donating face masks and disposable coveralls to local hospitals
  • Croda China are planning to make hand sanitiser and gift face masks and disposable gloves for distribution to community groups most in need, including care homes
  • At Croda Japan they are planning to make hand sanitiser as well as donating food hampers to local schools
  • Croda Singapore are planning to support migrant workers who are currently in quarantine by donating food hampers


  • Acts of Kindness from our manufacturing site at Rawcliffe Bridge, UK, have included purchasing much needed face masks, arm sleeves and antibacterial gel for local care homes, as well as supplying one with a tablet to enable residents to keep in touch with loved ones. They are also supporting community groups that are delivering items to locals who are isolating, with PPE and gifting supplies to two local foodbanks

  • Croda Chocques have been supporting families experiencing hardship by donating food supplies. They have also donated disinfectant items and PPE to retirement homes and fire departments in the three towns surrounding the site
  • Crodarom have donated face masks and protective suits to ambulance drivers as well as providing hydroalcoolic solution, a much sought-after cleaner, to local fire departments, hospitals and children’s nurseries. They have also donated a tablet to a local care home to keep residents in touch with their families
  • Our Hull site has finalised plans to support a number of local projects, including purchasing craft items and dementia activities to entertain residents of a local care home who are unable to receive visitors, they will also donate plants, seeds and children’s activities to help entertain children in a local Women’s Refuge, as well as donating PPE to local nursing homes and hostels. They have also supported a local education and conservation aquarium with fish food.
  • Mevisa has chosen to work alongside the local Red Cross to support older people who are living in isolation, as well as donating PPE to the local oncology hospital. They will also be supporting local families with food baskets
  • Ditton have been supporting residents of local care homes and nursing homes unable to have visitors by arranging for delivery of flowers and plants. They have also been supporting local foodbanks and are putting plans in place to potentially fund the development of an outdoor reading and wellbeing area for a local children’s nursery to support children of key workers who are having to attend the nursery
  • At Croda Gouda, they, like a number of our sites, have donated to local food banks

North America

  • At Atlas Point, they have gifted hand sanitiser, toilet paper and paper towels to a community project, supplying these much-needed items to families. Supplies of hand sanitiser and face masks have also been provided to local emergency medical treatment staff, as well as to a local food bank
  • Incotec Salinas have chosen to help a local food bank, which is currently seeing an increase in requests for support by nearly 50%

Latin America

  • Colleagues at Campinas have supplied meal and hygiene baskets to local residents most impacted by the pandemic and will continue to do so throughout June and July if still needed
  • Incotec Holambra have provided PPE for medical staff, as well as a heart monitor for an ambulance serving the local community. They have also bought food and household materials for families in the community who are struggling due to the crisis.