Everyone in our business, regardless of their role or responsibility, is focused on delivering the innovation that drives our growth. We deliver innovation for our chosen market sectors in both new product and process development alongside innovation in demonstrating product effect through the development and validation of rigorous claims testing.  Our innovation leads to increased sales of new and protected products.

"'Innovation is core to Croda and we achieve innovation by continuously developing and testing new and existing products that match our customers’ needs and by expanding our activities through acquisitions and collaborations with external partners. Innovation is the result of the knowledge, dedication and can-do attitude of all Croda employees across all functions."

Damian Kelly, Head of Global Research & Development

Identifying unmet needs  

Our journey to delivering innovation begins with the identification and articulation of an unmet need in the market place. Our close and trusted relationship with our customers and our independent market insight ensure we capture opportunities for innovation before identifying the best route to deliver.

Routes to innovation

We provide best-in-class, leading technology to address the unmet needs of our markets and we achieve this through:

Our Innovation - Market sector focussed, multi-disciplinary innovation teams that operate globally within Croda
Open Innovation - Collaborative research with our customers, technology developers and academia  
Technology Investment - Identifying and acquiring novel class-leading technology