We recognise and understand that a collaborative and open approach to innovation often accelerates time to market, can reduce costs and provide product or process differentiation.

We aim to be the partner of choice for our customers, potential customers, academia and technology developers to build new supply chains, evaluate disruptive technology and provide solutions to the market more quickly. Open innovation enables us to access world class knowledge, expertise, facilities and equipment and in exchange give access to the specialist knowledge of our markets, formulation and product application to those we work with. 

We engage worldwide in Open Innovation projects. Our current project portfolio covers activities across all of our market sectors.

Our Open Innovation technology interest areas include novel ingredients that offer performance benefits across any of our markets and also new processing technologies that allow us to manufacture our products in a more efficient and sustainable manner.

If you would like to discuss potential Open Innovation activities with us, contact 

Rebecca Wood, Open Innovation Co-ordinator: Rebecca.wood@croda.com