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Croda is a successful global company with operations in 37 countries, selling into the three core markets of Consumer Care, Life Sciences and Performance Technologies.

Our strategy delivers:


Aligning with our Purpose and speeding up our customers’ transition to sustainable ingredients and ambitions for becoming net zero.
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Increasing the proportion of new and protected products (NPP) that we sell.


Consistent top and bottom line growth, with profit growing ahead of sales, ahead of volume.

Croda Annual Report

Croda 2020 Annual Report
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Recent highlights

Energy from non-fossil fuels


Organic raw materials from bio-based sources


Hectares of land saved above our 2019 baseline


Number of lives improved

25.0million people
Croda laboratories

Our business continues to grow and strengthen through our:

Purpose-led people and culture: Using Smart science to improve lives™, aligned with our ambitious commitment to be the most sustainable supplier of innovative ingredients.

Structure and focus on fast-growing sectors: Consumer focused business, investing in growing and harnessing technology and know-how within these fast growth areas. Strongly positioned in high-growth niches and well aligned with growing consumer demand for sustainability.

Dynamic innovation engine: Open approach to innovation with 500 partners working on over 100 projects increasingly focused on sustainability.

Sustainability focus: meeting the growing consumer and customer need for sustainable, high performance ingredients. 

Delivering customer opportunities

Consumer markets

Meeting the demand for innovative sustainable products from bio-based, traceable ingredients, produced with less emissions

Life Sciences

Will drive improved health and well-being, while increasing crop yields and saving land


Forecast to generate $12 trillion in global opportunities
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Case Study: Pioneering science - Croda supports Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine

Avanti, a company we acquired in 2020, has a strong track record in supplying R&D quantities of lipid-based drug delivery technologies to pharmaceutical companies including those developing mRNA drugs. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, mRNA vaccine candidates were fast-tracked to Phase II clinical trials and Avanti became a key supplier. Due to increased demand, Avanti needed to ramp up its R&D capability and lipid production capacity quickly.

Croda labs

We have a...

Highly differentiated approach: Flexible, local manufacturing providing resilience, and direct selling to customers.

High-quality business with superior financial performance: Highly cash-generative operations with world-class profit margins.

Strong balance sheet: Clear capital allocation policy prioritising disciplined investment in growth.

Reputation for attractive shareholder returns: Track record of creating shareholder value through high returns on capital and 29 years of consecutive dividend progression.

Total shareholder return (TSR)

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