Pacified Skin Feels Beautiful

With approximately 50% of women and 30% of men claiming to have sensitive skin, Sederma targets the needs for this skin type with its new ingredient launch, Pacifeel™.

Pacifeel™ is a plant-based active ingredient that addresses both the signs and causes of sensitive and reactive skin. In addition to alleviating skin discomfort and visibly fading redness, Pacifeel™ improves skin’s resilience against aggressions to provide a long term, reinforced protection for sensitive skin.

Through its dual-action Pacifeel™ effectively pacifies the skin, leaving it feeling and looking more beautiful, a valuable promise for those men and women suffering from sensitive skin.

Numerous studies have been used to demonstrate the action of Pacifeel™ to limit the stimulation of nerve endings and associated unpleasant sensations, as well as restoring the skin’s barrier function and improving skin hydration.

More importantly, clinical test results reveal that volunteers perceived an overall feeling of wellbeing, along with visible signs of improvement. Itching and stinging sensations were reduced by 80% and 86% respectively. The volunteers also observed a significant reduction in facial redness (-54%) and felt that their skin was more hydrated and comfortable for 77% and 83% of the panel respectively.

Pacifeel™ wraps the skin in a comfortable and protective cocoon. It complies with the Chinese regulation for cosmetic ingredients.

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