Croda Inc Prepares Customers for Upcoming GHS Compliance Changes

By June 2015, US chemical manufacturers and importers will be required to comply with new US OSHA Hazard Communication regulations with adoption of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS).

GHS provides a single international system that can be used to identify and communicate hazards while transporting and supplying chemicals across the world. In order to seamlessly transition their customers to the new formats for safety data sheets and product labelling, Croda Inc will begin labelling their samples and drums in this new format before the year’s end.

Croda stated that no products in their portfolio will change as a result of GHS; rather a new, universal classification system is being implemented. As this system is new, Croda is offering their customers information on the new regulations and assistance with any transitions. Croda has also created several tools to help their customers. These tools can be accessed by visiting Croda’s GHS-dedicated webpage at

If customers require further assistance or have any questions about GHS, they may contact Croda’s Customer Service at 888-25-CRODA.

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About Croda Inc
Croda Inc is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Croda International Plc, a U.K.-based manufacturer and world-wide supplier of oleo and industrial chemicals for the Personal Care, Home Care and Functional Specialties, Health Care, and Manufacturing Industries. Croda Inc is part of a global network and offers one of the widest ranges of chemical specialties, surfactants and high purity lipids available. Croda also carries a full line of natural, botanical ingredients from its Crodarom and Crodamazon divisions and a full range of skin care actives from the Sederma division.