Next Generation Polyols for Excellent Strength

Croda Launches a Next Generation Polyols for Excellent Strength

PriplastTM XL raises the bar of high performance polyurethanes

Polyurethanes have been used for many years to produce high performance lightweight materials. Croda has extended its established range of bio-based PriplastTM polyols with a next generation to meet the industry need to exceed the performance of current polyurethanes.

These novel Priplast XL polyols offer excellent performance under severe conditions while enhancing durability to extend the product’s life time. Increasing the flexibility would normally imply a loss of strength, however, these new polyols bring the right balance between flexibility and excellent strength while having higher surface hardness.

Priplast XL polyols impart water repellency and adhesion to a wide range of substrates such as plastics and wood. A unique combination of hydrolytic, thermo-oxidative and UV stability make these polyols ideal for use in demanding applications like sealants, sports equipment and automotive applications.

Croda’s wider product portfolio developed to improve the performance and environmental profile of adhesives formulations includes PriamineTM dimer diamines and PripolTM dimer diol as chain extender or co-polyol in hydrophobic polyurethanes, and SynperonicTM for use as cross linker in PU systems.

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