On the Cutting Edge of Split End Science

Croda Presents Educational eSeminar Focusing on Hair Damage and Split End Repair

For nearly a decade, Croda has offered its customers free admission to an on-going series of live educational eSeminar events covering a wide variety of topics. Ranging from formulating basics to addressing specific marketplace needs, these events have featured expert presenters with in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, providing attendees with useful information and insight to help grow their businesses in the personal care market. Croda’s upcoming Fall series kicks off with an event focusing on repairing hair damage, including split ends.

During “The Science behind Hair Damage Repair” on September 23rd, Croda will deliver a live presentation explaining several methods for repairing various types of damaged hair, as well as unveiling exciting data from recent split end treatment studies. Denise Costrini, from the company’s North American marketing team stated, “With consumers keenly aware of the aesthetic consequences resulting from damaged hair, formulators are determined to create increasingly effective products to repair it.” Laura Reilly, from the European marketing team added, “This event will cover topics including market trends, hair anatomy, functional chemistries and formulating guidance. “

Customers who are interested in learning more or registering for this event may do so by clicking here.

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