A Secret Weapon for Mending Split Ends

Croda Launches New Data Proving Long-Lasting, Consumer-Perceivable Split End Repair

As global hair care products claiming split end repair, mending or fixing continue to launch in the marketplace, Croda has revealed new data  proven to seal split ends and provide long-lasting, consumer-perceivable repair with its miracle cuticle smoothing ingredient, Crodabond™ CSA.  

Consumers have long wanted an alternative to scissors for repairing split ends and are seeking products that will repair and prevent hair damage with long-lasting effects.  Croda’s new data reveals Crodabond CSA keeps split ends sealed through multiple shampoo washings, even when used in a rinse-off system, while delivering consumer-perceivable shine and smoothness.  Crodabond CSA adheres to lifted cuticles, cementing them down and smoothing out the hair fibre. Its high refractive index, in combination with its smoothing action, contributes to shiny glossy hair.

“An area of specific interest to both consumers and hair care brands is split end repair, as it represents a particularly complex need to fulfill and formulators are working diligently to surmount the challenge of creating ever-more-effective offerings.” said Denise Costrini, Marketing Manager – Hair Care, Croda.

In order to assess the split end mending capability of Crodabond CSA, Croda conducted studies on hair with split ends comparing varying levels of Crodabond CSA verses a premium mass commercial benchmark for split end repair in both leave-on and rinse-off applications. Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) photographs were utilised to show the long-lasting repair action of Crodabond CSA over a number of shampoo washings.  In addition, consumer testing showed the treatment provided hair that looked shinier, smoother and felt smoother over several washes, indicating a long-lasting effect.

This technology offers hair care formulators the ability to deliver a proven solution to consumers for split end repair that is perceivable.

Croda has made it easier for formulators to overcome the challenges of creating a solution for split end repair so consumers don’t have to resort to the almighty shears.  More information about Crodabond CSA along with starting formulations can be found on Croda’s website at www.crodapersonalcare.com.

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