Croda Addresses Drift Reduction

Reduction of off-target spray drift is a major concern in the Agriculture Industry. These concerns were echoed throughout the International Symposium on Adjuvants for Agrochemicals (ISAA) conference in Monterey, California, June 13-17, with multiple sessions, technical papers and posters focused specifically on reduction of spray drift. Croda is focused on this critical area of the adjuvant market along with you. Our goals are to understand the mechanisms of spray drift formation in agricultural formulations and characterize spray quality according to established industry protocols in order to develop valuable and reliable spray drift reduction technologies for our customers.

Kevin Penfield, Ph.D., Research and Technology Specialist, presented on Croda’s Low-speed Wind Tunnel of Novel, Closed-loop, Vertical Design: Performance in Drift Control Applications. Kevin demonstrated the closed-loop, vertical design wind tunnel provides reproducible data and agreement with other established certifications laboratories used in the Industry. These results now offer the basis for our next steps of detailed studies including: variation of nozzle height and environmental conditions, as well as additional sizing and imaging techniques.

Croda’s low speed wind tunnel provides several advantages including an overall smaller sized structure compared to traditional wind tunnels as well as the containment of sprays within the closed-looped design.  Due to the vertical design, spray and air flow are parallel to gravitational forces enabling measurements to be taken at wind speeds as low as 0 miles per hour (mph). Simple modelling methods allow for other techniques to be easily incorporated into the testing program as well.

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