Innovations from Croda at Suppliers' Day 2016

With years of formulation expertise and insightful trend knowledge, Croda, a global specialty chemical company, will spotlight its most novel formulations and unique textures at this year’s Suppliers’ Day event.

Discovering the Difference of One-On-One Croda Expertise

Croda’s leading industry experts will be on hand at the company’s new tradeshow booth to help customers find formulations and textures that will satisfy existing and emerging consumer needs. New to its booth this year, customers can schedule 10 minute, one-on-one consultations with an array of Croda experts in advance of the event, or just stop by booth #1431 May 10 and 11 to discover novel formulations and textures, as well as the unique ingredients used to build their chassis, develop claims, inspire their emotive stories and produce their active benefits. Whether it’s hair care and hair colour or skin care, sun care and colour cosmetics, Croda’s experts are dedicated to capturing the strengths of its global product portfolio in order to create truly inspired formulations with novel ingredients from Croda, natural botanical ingredients from Crodarom and powerful active ingredients from Sederma.

From the fun textures of Croda’s new Honey Scoopable Shampoo, Pre-Shampoo Protective Primer and Body Cloud Moisturizer to the smooth applications of its trending Skin Highlighter Cream and award-winning Ice Cream Emulsion, there’s no shortage of novel formulations and ingredients to see, feel and learn about from its experts at the show.

“We’re committed to partnering with our customers to find new and innovative ways to meet the needs of their consumers. Whether we’re creating novel formulations or unique textures, our customers know they can look to us to help them select the most effective ingredients for product development,” said Jennifer Donahue, Field Marketing Manager, Croda North America.

New Product Launches to be Featured at the Booth

Croda is delighted to present its latest product launches and initiatives at the event including:

Croda’s recent launch, Prolevis™, a new high molecular protein hydrolysate with exceptional film forming properties that envelops the skin, instantly smoothing visible surface wrinkles and imperfections. With a growing demand for instant effects from skin care applications, an immediate sensory cue is ideal to convey product efficacy. Offering consumer-perceivable skin smoothing, tightening and firming, Prolevis is the obvious choice for formulations, delivering a range of functional anti-ageing claims.

Emotional well-being and body and mind connection are becoming a priority for consumers. Les Delices from Crodarom® is meeting this need with an inspiring new range that has been developed to awaken the five senses. Produced using sweet sounding technology, with alluring colours that appeal to the eye, delicious fragrances that seduce the taste buds and a touch so soft to delight the skin, Les Delices provides the ultimate multi-sensory experience. Also new from Crodarom is Elfe Flower, an extract of Epimedium grandiflorum that has played a multifaceted role for more than a thousand years in traditional Asian medicine with its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-ageing, anti-fatigue and moisturising properties. Conjuring up images of fairy tales, beautiful elfish creatures, immortality and eternal youth, Elfe Flower’s many applications include face, body and hair care.

Sederma will feature its new active ingredient Citystem™ that has been designed to fight against the visible and invisible pollution damage to the skin. Originating from plant cell culture and sustainably produced, Citystem provides a new approach to pollution’s effects on skin, with visible instant and long term cosmetic benefits.

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About Personal Care
Croda Personal Care is dedicated to working with its customers to meet evolving consumer needs with new and innovative products while maintaining a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility through initiatives that include the use of certified sustainable palm oil and other renewable raw materials. The company’s expertise in formulation development, claims substantiation, market analysis and regulatory support provides customers immediate access to essential services for successful product development. Part of a global network, Croda Personal Care offers a wide and diverse product portfolio including a full line of natural, botanical ingredients from its Crodarom division and a full range of skin care actives from its Sederma division.
About Croda
Established in 1925, Croda is the name behind high performance ingredients and technologies in some of the world’s biggest and most successful brands: creating, making and selling speciality chemicals that are relied on by industries and consumers everywhere. They have a network of over 4,200 passionate and committed employees, working together as one global team across manufacturing sites and offices in 36 countries. Croda is a FTSE100 company with a flexible structure that allows them to focus on developing and delivering innovative, sustainable ingredients that their customers can build on in: Personal Care, Health Care, Crop Care, Polymer Additives, Lubricants, Coatings & Polymers, Geo Tech, Home Care and Industrial Specialities.