Bring Youth Back to Grey Hair

Croda Launches New Data for Consumer-Perceivable Softness for Grey Hair

To address the needs of consumers seeking to bring youthfulness back to their hair, Croda  reveals new softening data specifically generated for grey hair, believed to become coarser with aging. Crodazosoft™ DBQ, a conditioning ingredient previously proven to soften virgin and dyed hair, has now been shown to provide consumer-perceivable softening benefits on grey hair as well.  Crodazosoft DBQ allows hair care companies to create products where consumers can achieve softer, youthful-feeling hair throughout all life’s stages. 

When consumers seek to condition their hair, they are often looking for softness to the touch as a sensory cue for hair that has become moisturised. Croda’s new data demonstrates an improvement in softness, via instrumental testing conducted on grey hair treated with a conditioner containing either Crodazosoft DBQ or an industry benchmark.  The test results showed that the softness of the grey hair treated with the Crodazosoft DBQ conditioner was more than double that of the industry benchmark. 

“As we age, biological processes change resulting in real differences in hair quality.  Customers are looking for proof-in-performance to deliver solutions at all life stages to meet changing consumer needs.” said Denise Costrini, Marketing Manager – Hair Care, Croda North America.

As an imidazoline quat, Crodazosoft DBQ offers hair care formulators tremendous benefits and has introduced the industry to a new age of conditioning. Crodazosoft DBQ effectively conditions the hair and defends against cuticle abrasion that can occur from mechanical damage, such as combing.    Additionally, in various conditioner formulations, Crodazosoft DBQ was proven to deposit lipophilic, actives such as Vitamin E and silicone, and protect artificial hair colour.

Manufactured by the RSPO’s Mass Balance system, Crodazosoft DBQ is naturally-derived, self-emulsifying, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)-free and gives formulators a socially conscious means of creating conditioning products with real consumer-driven benefits, regardless of life stage. 

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