Four Guaranteed Ingredients For Baby Care

Quality and safety are keys when it comes to baby care products. That is the reason why Sederma has performed all the required toxicological tests on four selected active ingredients: Aqualance™, NG Shea Unsaponifiable™, Venuceane™ and Hairspa™. These additional safety data combined with the cosmetovigilance data of these products that have been available on the market for 10 years ensure the best for babies. Perfectly adapted to the immature baby’s skin, Aqualance™ and NG Shea Unsaponifiables™ provide hydration and restore barrier function to reduce drying effects, while Venuceane™ protects it against environmental stress. Hairspa™ balances the delicate scalp of babies to avoid discomfort that can occur with cradle cap. To know more contact your Sederma/Croda representative.
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