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Croda has unveiled new data  addressing important African hair needs for healthier hair, anti-breakage, appropriate density, and ease of styling with its versatile technology, Crodazoquat™  MCC, which delivers a complete multicultural conditioning solution for a broad range of hair types.  This ingredient will help its customers overcome the challenges formulating for different ethnic hair types that have unique hair characteristics.     

Variations in hair morphology can cause performance differences in ingredients used in hair care products, making testing on different ethnic hair types to show efficacy very important. Croda’s new data reveals Crodazoquat MCC restores hydrophobicity to hair, improves hair aesthetics and delivers a consumer-perceivable feel improvement on both natural and relaxed African hair.  Crodazoquat MCC had already been proven to be effective on Caucasian, Asian and Brazilian hair types, and now it has been proven efficacious on African hair as well, further broadening its multicultural performance.

Customers around the world seek solutions that have been tested and proven to be effective on the hair types relevant to their region.  “A need for multicultural solutions has arisen globally, including in developed markets, such as the US, that are becoming increasingly diverse.  Crodazoquat MCC is designed to be effective across multiple ethnic hair types—a truly multicultural conditioner for a diverse world that is progressively connected.” said Denise Costrini, Marketing Manager – Hair Care, Croda North America.

In order to best assess performance on African hair, a conditioner containing Crodazoquat MCC was salon tested on consumers with natural African hair and relaxed African hair.  Attributes that are particularly important to address African hair needs were added to the standard list of attributes used to evaluate other hair types: Breakage, Density, and Ease of Styling.  A conditioner containing Crodazoquat  MCC  outperformed the commercial African hair conditioner benchmark on dry aesthetics for both the natural and relaxed hair, satisfying the consumer needs for anti-breakage, desired density, and ease of styling.

Crodazoquat  MCC has been developed to provide multicultural conditioning, improving the appearance, feel and manageability of hair regardless of ethnic origin. Crodazoquat MCC has been tried and tested on various ethnic hair types and delivers consumer-perceivable results.

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