New Anti-Scratch Additives at K2016

Croda will showcase its new range of anti-scratch additives for automotive and packaging applications

COWICK HALL, East Yorkshire, UK – Croda Europe Ltd will exhibit at K2016 in Dusseldorf, Germany and will be offering live demonstrations on the stand of their new range of anti-scratch additives. These additives not only reduce scratch width, depth and visibility but the highly stable additives offer no negative impact on parts including low visible bloom, low odour and maintained gloss.  The range offers products for a variety of polymers and applications from high gloss surfaces to transparent parts. Technical experts will be present in Hall 7 stand C22 throughout the show to demonstrate how the range can reduce scratching using portable scratch testing equipment.

Croda launched their range of anti-scratch additives to meet the demand for improved quality of plastic parts in high end applications. Croda’s additives include high stability products that work from within the formulation to enhance plastics’ surface properties. They can withstand challenging processing conditions and give long term in-use performance in the finished products. Additionally, their low usage levels do not cause any detrimental effect on mechanical properties. 

Products for Polypropylene
The range includes Incroslip SL and IncroMold K for polypropylene impact copolymer and Incroslip G for polypropylene homopolymer applications.

Incroslip SL is one of the newest innovations from Croda and combines anti-scratch performance with excellent oxidative stability. Some migrating additives can breakdown over time causing visible blooming, colour change or odour problems. Incroslip SL, however, is a highly stable product that has been shown to reduce scratch visibility without any negative impact on the part.

IncroMold K is the newest addition to our IncroMold range and was developed specifically as an anti-scratch additive to reduce scratch visibility and whitening in PP impact copolymer. 

Incroslip G is a stable product which shows excellent anti-scratch properties in PP homopolymer. This product also has the added benefit of reducing mold release force, enabling molded parts to be removed from the mold easier. This eliminates the need for silicone sprays and allows continuous production.

Products for Transparent Polymers
The range also includes products for transparent polymers including polycarbonate and PMMA. These polymers are tough and rigid polymers which can be used in automotive applications such as headlights and interior parts, however they are prone to scratching. Croda’s IncroMax range shows excellent anti-scratch performance in transparent polymers with no negative impact on clarity. 

Technical Expertise
Applications Team Leader, Martin Read says “We have undertaken a significant project in the area of anti-scratch so that we are able to advise our customers which product and addition level will give optimum performance in their formulations. We are pursuing this work and would like to engage further with our customers to continue this process and meet future needs in the area of anti-scratch for a wide range of plastics.”
During the K show, Croda’s technical experts will be using scratch testing equipment to demonstrate how scratch visibility is reduced in a variety of polymers by the addition of small amounts of their speciality additives. Experts will then be able to work with customers and discuss specific projects.

Croda will co-exhibit with the Coatings & Polymers division who will be showcasing their range of bio-based building blocks and speciality additives. These sustainable and durable solutions bring benefits such as flexibility, water resistance, impact strength and colour stability to high performance engineering plastics, elastomers and foams.

Croda will be located in Hall 7 Stand C22.
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About Croda Polymer Additives
Founded in 1925 Croda has developed its position as a leading speciality chemical company producing an unrivalled range of naturally derived products for industry. From Personal Care to Polymer Additives, Home care to Health care, Lubricants to Crop Care, Croda technologies will be at the heart of the finished products. Croda Polymer Additives is a global business offering speciality additives into a wide range of polymer applications. Croda Polymer Additives provide the following effects: anti-fog, anti-static, mold release, pigment dispersion, slip & anti-block, torque release, UV-absorption, & speciality plasticisers. Croda’s brands for these products are: Atmer, Crodamide, IncroMax, Incroslip, IncroMold, Solasorb, & Syncroflex.