Meeting Sustainability Needs of the Lubricants Industry

Croda Lubricants introduce their new brochure ‘Formulating with Confidence for the Benefit of the Environment’. Aimed at finished lubricant producers, it outlines the European Eco-label, Vessel General Permit and OSPAR regulations and the Croda products which meet them. The brochure illustrates the solutions from Croda by highlighting performance data and typical physical properties.

With legislation increasing to protect the environment, the need for compliance with environmental regulations places complex demands upon finished lubricant formulators. To maximise the efficiency of equipment requiring lubrication, formulators are increasingly focused upon balancing the needs of the environment and the need for performance.

John Eastwood, Global Marketing Manager of Croda Lubricants said, “According to a report by Pune released at the start of 2017, the global bio-lubricant market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 7.2% between 2014 and 2022. Pune estimates that the bio-lubricants market will be valued at a total market value of 3.50 billion by 2022. This correlates with the demand we are seeing for environmentally acceptable base oils from our customers, to be used in an increasing range of applications which include ships, offshore rigs, forest machinery and construction equipment”.

Croda Lubricants manufacture a wide range of environmentally acceptable ester base oils, with ISO grades ranging from 22 to 1000, and has an exceptionally strong history in helping formulators deal with complex regulations.

The electronic version of the brochure can be downloaded from (registration required) and paper copies will be distributed in delegate bags at the upcoming Uniti Mineral Oil Technology Congress in Stuttgart, Germany on the 13 and14 April.

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