Halal-certified Raw Materials

Brands are becoming more aware that the Muslim market holds enormous buying power. According to a new report by Grand View Research, the global Muslim spend on Halal personal care products is forecasted to reach USD$52 billion by 2025.

A strong driver for the phenomenal opportunity in Halal beauty other than the strong Muslim population growth is due to the emergence of young Muslim consumers who are very beauty and fashion conscious. These Muslim consumers view the observance of their faith as well as the pursuit of beauty as equally important. 

The Indonesia law, which was passed on October 2014, requires all consumer products that are halal to be Halal certified and labelled by 2019, will further see more brands striving to obtain halal certification for their products to secure a large share not only in Indonesia but also in the global Halal cosmetics market.

While majority of the new Halal beauty products were launched from Asia Pacific, many brands in Europe and the US are jumping on the halal beauty bandwagon as well. Ethical well-being is a trend that continues to take the western markets by storm and with most Halal cosmetics focusing on natural ingredients, eco-friendliness and fair trade, they in turn have become a great selling point to both Muslim and non-Muslim consumers.

Croda has more than 20 years of experience manufacturing high quality Halal certified ingredients to the personal care and other industries. The Croda Singapore plant is Majelis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) certified and the certificates are well-recognized by Indonesia (MUI) and Malaysia (JAKIM).

Currently, Croda holds Halal certifications for around 500 different raw materials from its various manufacturing sites around the world. These ingredients are sold into the personal care, home care, food and pharmaceutical industries. The Halal compliant range consists of surfactants, emollients, fatty acids and alcohols, humectants, inorganic UV filters, lanolin and derivatives, rheology modifiers, gelling agents, speciality blends and bases, specialty cationic compounds, active ingredients as well as botanical extracts. Croda can also work closely with customers to offer Halal compliant solutions that satisfy their specific requirements. 
Today, formulators can request and have access to ‘Croda Halal-certified Ingredient Guide’ which lists the raw materials and the type of Halal certifications that each ingredient is certified to help customers in the selection of technologies for different applications. The broad range of high performance specialities that Croda offer really provide formulators with the flexibility to create Halal compliant formulations that consumers will love.

Halal beauty is here to stay and is expected to experience exponential growth. As the leader in the manufacturing of raw materials to the highest halal standards, Croda is committed to actively seeking Halal certification of additional manufacturing sites and products to satisfy the growing demand. With increased capacity and capabilities globally, they are well positioned to continue in the development of new and exciting innovations for Halal products worldwide.

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