Keeping our manufacturing sites safe and legally compliant

As a global operator of chemical manufacturing processes, we have a duty of care to our employees, customers and surrounding communities to keep our operations safe, minimising the risk of injury, financial loss and reputational damage.  This involves a detailed appraisal of what could go wrong with each chemical process and how this could be prevented, carried out by skilled engineers and operational employees working consistently within the framework of our own Process Safety Management (PSM) system. Our PSM is aligned with the OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management System, to which all of our manufacturing sites are certified and requires continual improvement year after year, which is driven by:
  • top-down line management, headed by our SHEQ steering committee,
  • extensive training, with a particular focus on our Hazard Study Leaders Academy, and
  • thorough and balanced KPIs, which are subject to quarterly reviews.

There are many risks associated with process safety, but the benefits that arise from careful management are extensive, having a direct impact on our business growth, reputation and sustainability.

Highlights include:

  • Zero major process safety incidents in 2015
  • Improved process risk reviews following an external review
  • Extended syllabus for our Hazard Study Leaders Academy

Monitoring progress and driving improvement

Process Risk Reviews (PRRs) are carried out every five years to make sure that our Process Risk Assessments (PRAs), which every new chemical process is subjected to, adhere fully to our PSM framework. In 2014, we embarked on an external peer review of a cross section of our PRRs to ensure that we are examining our process risks in sufficient breadth and depth, and in 2015, we received the results of the external scrutiny. This identified a number of areas for improvement, which we then focused on in an HSL Academy workshop. This exercise was so successful that we will now look to apply the learnings across all the PRRs and we will repeat the external review on more of our PRRs in 2016 and beyond.

Our commitment to training 

We recognise that in order to deliver on our commitments to Process Safety, we must build management leadership skills and Process Safety Management knowledge at all levels of the organisation. The Hazard Study Leaders’ Academy is part of this, but we train every level of our Business on process safety and in 2015 have focused on the following:

Having completed the first round of Process Safety Leadership training (accredited by Cogent, formerly NSAPI) for all Group Executive Committee members and Business Directors, we are now looking to provide refresher training every three years

We have committed to producing a new course, using professional input, for Site Engineers and Operations Managers

Still placing great reliance on our manufacturing site process safety training, which is aligned with our Basis of Safety documents, to answer the fundamental needs of those who are operating our plants.

To read more about how Process Safety fosters the development of safety and quality, please read our Sustainability Report.