Ensure that the ingredients we produce contribute positively to the environment and society throughout their lifecycle

Natural ingredients are at the heart of our products, with around 70% of our raw materials coming from renewable natural sources. We take that solid grounding and extend it throughout our whole product lifecycle to shape our approach to Product Stewardship. This ensures that health, safety, environmental and social protection are integral at every stage of our operations and supply chain. Activities include:

  • sourcing raw materials sustainably and responsibly, 
  • engaging with our supply chain to improve social and ethical issues
  • developing more sustainable products 
  • adopting quality standards and using environmentally sensitive and safe manufacturing processes 
  • offering advice on the safe, efficient use and disposal of the finished products that contain our ingredients. 
Highlights include:
  • 66.1% of the raw materials we used were from renewable sources
  • 11 manufacturing sites have RSPO sustainable palm oil certification
  • Greater engagement with suppliers on social and ethical issues
Our investment in renewable raw materials

In April 2015, we ceremonially broke ground at our Atlas Point manufacturing site in New Castle, Delaware on the first North American plant that will lead to the production of non-ionic bio-surfactants through the use of ethylene oxide derived from bio-ethanol. Construction has since commenced with the project on schedule to start production in the first half of 2017. When the new plant becomes operational, the surfactants that we offer will enable our customers to meet their goals to deliver 100% renewable, high performance products to their consumers and it will allow us to mitigate risk in a key North American supply chain as we move to a more sustainable, naturally derived feed stock. Our heritage and growth strategy have a strong focus on investment in sustainable and innovative technologies, we believe that this project not only represents our commitment to meeting our customers’ expectations, but also our long standing dedication to putting sustainability and innovation into action.

Darrel Webber, CEO of the RSPO, commends our approach to sustainable palm oil

"Croda continues to play a key role in driving industry transformation to source and deliver physical certified sustainable palm oil products. Through commitment and engagement with suppliers and clients, in 2015 Croda has helped put the complexity into perspective, effectively overcoming many of the obstacles and successfully influencing others in the supply chain to become sustainable. Once again the RSPO highly commends the efforts made by Croda during this year and the tangible results achieved by the company in their journey towards making Certified Sustainable Palm Oil the norm.”

Supply chain engagement

This year we have committed to greater collaboration with our suppliers to access the social and ethical sustainability of our supply chain. The first important milestone in our journey is to look at the social and environmental practices of our key suppliers and, working with Sedex, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, we are implementing a phased engagement with our most important suppliers to mitigate any potential risks globally. These suppliers are being asked to provide social and ethical data that will be assessed by Sedex to identify any areas of concern and non-compliance. Where areas of concern are identified, a physical audit will be carried out, so that we can work in partnership with our suppliers to improve supply chains globally.
Supply chain engagement, particularly on ethical and legal business practices, such as modern slavery and environmental issues, will help us mitigate against emerging supply chain risks and complements what we are already doing around the traceability of the physical supply chain of our raw materials.

To read more about how our Product Stewardship is contributing positively to the environment and society, please read our Sustainability Report.