The availability of high quality woolgrease, the raw material from which lanolin is manufactured, fuelled Croda’s move into Australia in 1968.  Now based in Wetherill Park, a suburb of Sydney, NSW, Croda Australia supplies a range of natural based specialities and oleochemicals to a wide range of industries.

At Croda Australia, we offer technical sales, market development and warehousing for the local Australasian markets.  Our aim is to provide better customer service to this important region by working closely with our customers.

Our Croda Australia team get together for informal dinners once in a while. We also take part in local charity events (sponsored runs, walks, bike rides).  We have frequent contact with local charity organisations where we use 1% of our working time to collaborate with them to serve the local community.

Croda Australia is a branch of Croda Singapore.


Croda Australia
Suite 102
447 Victoria Street
Wetherill Park
New South Wales 2164

Postal address:
PO Box 6079
Wetherill Park
NSW 2164
Tel +61 (2) 9616 5800
Fax +61 (2) 9757 4676