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Policies and procedures


With a wide range of policies covering all parts of our business, our overriding commitment is to uphold the principles of socially responsible business practices; and to respect the interests of everyone affected by our activities, including employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and our communities. This section contains documents to download that cover key employee rights and the policies that govern them. For more information or if you have any questions, please get in touch with our HR department.

Croda International plc has a zero tolerance policy towards corruption in all its forms.  As set out our Code of Conduct, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity in our business, ensuring that we operate in a responsible manner and that we communicate our ethics and anti-corruption programme to our employees. As part of our commitment to responsible and ethical business conduct, Croda signed up to the UN Global Compact in June 2021.

Our ethics and anti-corruption programme guides and supports our employees in living to our shared values and making responsible decisions.  It also helps our employees understand what is expected of them and creates an environment in which employees feel they can ask questions and raise issues and concerns.

Our programme is embedded through our key group policies and processes, including through our third party due diligence procedures. The programme receives both internal and external oversight and assurance. We have in place a monitoring and review cycle that drives improvements in the programme on an ongoing basis to respond to and mitigate new and emerging risks. We also use key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor ethics and anti-corruption risks and activities on an ongoing basis.

Our Code of Conduct sits at the heart of ethics and compliance at Croda.  Our Code of Conduct and our ethics and anti-corruption policies and procedures are communicated to staff through group-wide communications, our training programme, and related guidance.

Croda embarked on a refreshment of its ethics and anti-corruption programme in 2016, which included the engagement of external advisors on a review of the programme. Subsequently, we have adopted consecutive two-year action plans to further enhance our programme on an ongoing basis.
The Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for our ethics and anti-corruption programme.


Compliance statement

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Compliance