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Land positive

Preserving our planet’s resources

We are applying our technologies, reach and in-house expertise toward a mutually beneficial relationship between Croda and nature for a thriving planet and society.

Our long-standing relationship with nature and our leadership commitment enable us to work not only to mitigate our negative impacts but to actively improve the state of nature and people's lives through active engagement and monitoring of our land footprint, and technological innovation. Our products will enable more land to be saved than is used to grow our bio-based raw materials and our innovation will help customers to mitigate the impact of climate change and land degradation, increasing the availability of land suitable for growing crops. By becoming Land Positive we will directly contribute towards the following UN SDG targets:

SDG 2.3, SDG 2.4, SDG 12.2, SDG 13.2, SDG 15.2, SDG 15.3, SDG 15.5

Nature positive

We are further developing our understanding of relevant and leading initiatives relating to nature, including the concept of nature positive: requirements, challenges, and how it can be measured. As we transform from Land Positive towards net nature positive, we will better understand the ways that each of our major manufacturing sites and finished ingredients impact or depend upon biodiversity, and we will drive positive change in our raw material and supplier selection. Importantly, solutions to reduce the risk of nature loss will shape our customers’ ingredient and supplier selection, and proactively contribute to their sustainability goals. 

Land Positive: our world in 2030

Castor plant for crodas sustainability targets

Our targets

We are developing our sustainability strategy to 2030, ensuring our alignment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Internal innovation at Croda


Through our product portfolio we have access to the broadest range of formulation ingredients and formulation know-how, which allows our customers to get the best performance out of their products.

Net Nature Positive

By 2030, we will be Net Nature Positive.

Our progress

Resource and biodiversity conservation

Benefits from two breakthrough technologies launched in 2022 were proven across field trials with customers, demonstrating the importance of our collaborative approach and customer intimacy. These latest innovative technologies protect biodiversity and mitigate the impact of a changing climate and land degradation, bringing our total breakthrough technologies launched since 2020 to four.

We are accelerating our pace towards achieving our milestone target of 10 breakthrough technologies by 2024, and our 2030 target to bring an average of two to market each year, aligning with our target and helping our customers mitigate the impact of climate change and land degradation.

As a company that has been close to the legislative process of new rules banning microplastics from EU/EEA seed treatments, which is expected to be adopted into EU legislation during 2023, we began our journey to a microplastic-free seed treatment portfolio four years ago. During 2022, we published our whitepaper ‘A microplastic-free future for seed treatments’, with the aim to share our understanding of the legislation and wider knowledge on the topic, to provide recommendations for what it means for the industry and how collaboration and partnering can help support effective adoption of the legislation.

More broadly, within our safe and sustainable design approach, biodegradability screening at early stages of innovation is one of the critical success criteria. We are further developing our capabilities to measure biodegradability of polymers, working with external accredited testing partners and field experts. Three specialist labs with these screening capabilities, including automated testing, are being established at our existing Princeton, Daresbury and Enkhuizen locations.

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Laboratory work

UK Government to support expansion of Croda's lipid systems manufacturing facility

31 March 2022: This investment will significantly enhance the development of high-purity lipid systems, essential delivery systems for next generation nucleic acid drugs such as mRNA vaccines.

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Woman working with croda ingredients in lab

11th Most Sustainable International Company

We are celebrating being ranked the top of the chemicals sector for the sixth year running in Britain’s Most Admired Companies award

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