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Land positive

Land Positive

Our products will enable more land to be saved than is used to grow our bio-based raw materials. Our innovation will help customers to mitigate the impact of climate change and land degradation, increasing the availability of land suitable for growing crops. By becoming Land Positive we will directly contribute towards the following UN SDG targets:

SDG 2.3, SDG 2.4, SDG 12.2, SDG 13.2, SDG 15.2, SDG 15.3, SDG 15.5


  • Announced aspiration to become Net Nature Positive by 2030.
  • 33,734 hectares of land saved in 2021 over 2019 baseline: our range of biostimulants, adjuvants and seed coatings a continues to save more land than is used to grow all of our bio-based raw materials. 
  • Validated through extensive field trials with a major customer in Brazil we measured and demonstrated the land saving benefit of our adjuvant technologies 
  • We recognise the benefits Croda technologies can bring in protecting biodiversity and nature, and have started a programme to measure our impacts in partnership with CISL
  • 60% of land area saved is in Asia and Latin America, where there is greatest demand for food productivity and the highest threat of deforestation.

Nature positive

We are further developing our understanding of relevant and leading initiatives relating to nature, including the concept of nature positive: requirements, challenges, and how it can be measured. As we transform from Land Positive towards net nature positive, we will better understand the ways that each of our major manufacturing sites and finished ingredients impact or depend upon biodiversity, and we will drive positive change in our raw material and supplier selection. Importantly, solutions to reduce the risk of nature loss will shape our customers’ ingredient and supplier selection, and proactively contribute to their sustainability goals. 

Land Positive: our world in 2030

Castor plant for crodas sustainability targets

Our targets

We are developing our sustainability strategy to 2030, ensuring our alignment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Internal innovation at Croda


Through our product portfolio we have access to the broadest range of formulation ingredients and formulation know-how, which allows our customers to get the best performance out of their products.

Net Nature Positive

By 2030, we will be Net Nature Positive.

Objectives and examples of progress

We will invest in innovation projects and partnerships to support crop and seed enhancement in mitigating the impact of a changing climate and land degradation. We will increase agricultural land use efficiency, protect biodiversity and improve food security by inspiring innovation in our agrochemical businesses.

Case study: Reforestation 

Revitalising ecosystems, improving biodiversity and creating social and economic benefits for local communities.

Incotec, our seed enhancement specialist, and Land Life Company are collaborating in a pioneering project to accelerate global reforestation. This involves integrating Incotec microplastic free smart coating technologies onto tree seeds, supporting scale up of reforestation efforts. These specialist coatings boost germination, increase resilience and survival, and enhance overall performance, and this is the first time such technologies have been applied to large-scale reforestation projects. The first seeds are being introduced at sites in Northern Spain, with the emphasis on planting where trees are needed most, revitalising ecosystems, improving biodiversity and creating social and economic benefits for local communities. Pending the outcome of this first trial it is expected that tens of thousands of pelleted tree seeds will be planted in different locations all over Europe starting in 2022 


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