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Croda Foundation

Welcome to Croda Foundation

We are an independent charitable company founded and solely funded by Croda International. Croda Foundation was established in 2020 to benefit organisations, projects and communities globally, using Smart science to improve lives™.

In line with Croda’s Commitment to be People Positive by 2030, the Foundation’s goal is to sustainably improve one million lives by 2030 in our target communities. The Foundation seeks to have careful deployment of its funding resources to projects that deliver ongoing impact beyond the period of funding by: 

  • building resilience in communities
  • strengthening infrastructure in the communities 
  • improving biodiversity

This is enhanced where possible with pro-bono Croda knowledge skills and expertise to maximise impact.

Our focus areas

  • Reducing hunger and poverty, and improving livelihoods
  • Improving access to healthcare and health provision
  • Protecting and restoring forests and ecosystems

Our United Nations priority Sustainable Development Goals

In carrying out its work, the Foundation aims to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In order to have sustainable impact, we have priority SDGs, which are directly linked to our focus areas, and enabling SDGs. Together they help us achieve our vision and form our core criteria for selecting projects and communities to support globally.

Board of trustees

Dr. Helena Ganczakowski, Chair
Stuart Arnott,
Anthony Fitzpatrick,
Member appointed trustee
Veronica Santana de Freitas Blanco,
Member appointed trustee

People Positive

People Positive

By 2030, we will be People Positive.

rommel moseley

Rommel Moseley

Executive director

Rommel has been with Croda Foundation since April 2021, joining from the Thomson Reuters Foundation. His professional experience is in business development, service design and change management. An acknowledged expert in corporate, government and charity partnerships, Rommel spent 20 years negotiating and delivering complex mutually beneficial partnerships.

Contact us

Tel: +44 (0)1405 863340