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Sustainability spans every area of our business and is a crucial way we add value to our customers.

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Through our Commitment to science-based targets and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we will be the most sustainable supplier of innovative ingredients. We will create, make and sell solutions to tackle some of the biggest challenges the world is facing. We will be Climate, Land and People Positive by 2030.

Our Purpose - Smart science to improve lives™ - underpins our commitment to sustainability. Smart science embodies our innovative philosophy and ability to offer customers something different and valuable. Improving lives describes the positive impact our products have in use and how we are working to reduce the environmental impact of our actions.

Our Commitment
 to sustainability is a fundamental aspect of how we work, how we are judged, and how we judge ourselves, as we decouple our continued growth and increasing shareholder value from our impacts on the environment.

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Our approach

Sustainability means doing business the right way, adapting and challenging ourselves to meet business needs, today and in the future.

Limited Assurance Opinion 2023

Reporting Criteria 2023

Reasonable Verification Statement for GHG emissions

Changing environment

Climate Positive

By 2030, we will be Climate Positive.

Land positive

Land Positive

By 2030, we will be Land Positive.

People Positive

People Positive

By 2030, we will be People Positive.

Non-financial performance and reports

We consider our non-financial metrics to be as important as our financial.

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Our Fundamentals

We will consider all stakeholders in our ecosystem and adopt best practices in environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.



Behavioural and process safety are extremely important for us at Croda, the safety of our employees and neighbours is of paramount importance.

Procurement and sustainable sourcing

Using natural resources brings a responsibility to ensure no associated negative social or environmental impacts, and an opportunity to advocate and contribute to positive change.


Responsible and ethical behaviour is fundamental to the way we operate at Croda.

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Croda Foundation

Introduction to the Croda Foundation, the independently managed, philanthropic arm of Croda International.

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Our Commitment

We will be the most sustainable supplier of innovative ingredients, our action plan for the decade is to be Climate, Land and People Positive by 2030.

Internal innovation at Croda


Through our product portfolio we have access to the broadest range of formulation ingredients and formulation know-how, which allows our customers to get the best performance out of their products.

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Investor information including financial reporting and events.