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We develop components and systems for the delivery of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), supporting customers across the whole lifecycle of a drug – from early-stage research to commercial manufacture. 

Very few drug formulations comprise the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) alone. We focus on providing the components and systems for delivering the API, empowering biologics delivery by developing systems that deliver the API to the target site in the body, maintain its stability and improve its efficacy. For protein delivery we provide a range of speciality excipients for challenging formulations including injectables. In adjuvant systems, we are the only independent supplier with a full component portfolio and the ability to put vaccine adjuvants together to power the therapeutic vaccines of the future. We are the leading innovator of components for nucleic acid delivery, capable of both developing new systems and scaling them up to support commercial roll out. 

In total we have over 5,000 customers across the whole lifecycle of a drug, from research to commercial manufacturing. We are pioneering the future of health care by focusing on segments with a high development need. Our key differentiator is innovation, creating new ingredients from sustainable sources that have a unique quality. 

Crop Care

We are an innovation partner to major crop science companies and an increasing number of smaller customers, developing delivery systems to meet the sustainability challenges of current generation products and to enable next generation solutions. As we expand in Asia and the industry is disrupted by the move to biologics, we will continue to make a bigger contribution to global food security.

Through our expertise in delivery systems, we are enabling our customers to make the move to biologic actives, developing next generation delivery systems for these new microbial actives. Our expertise in seed enhancement supports this move to biologics as microbials can be applied via treated seeds to stimulate growth thereby delivering higher yields and reducing the need for the crop to be sprayed. We are also helping solve the problems the industry is facing, for example being first to market with a microplastic-free seed coating many years before new regulation, and by ensuring seeds germinate in the more challenging conditions created by climate change.

With the agriculture sector a major contributor to global GHG emissions, we recognise we must both create solutions for the future and help address the challenges of today. We create biostimulants to enable farming of less suitable land and mitigations for abiotic stress that promote plant growth in the increasingly harsh weather conditions. We offer drift reduction technologies to target spraying of crops, a key enabler to new farming practices such as drone application, and to reduce pesticide use and run-off. Our low carbon and bio-based delivery systems are enabling the move to sustainable ingredients, and our expertise in biodegradability is promoting soil health.

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Consumer Care

We are positioned as the leading innovator in consumer care markets, delivering cutting-edge technology and new ideas with proven substantiated claims.

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