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Our strategy

Sustainability + Innovation = Growth

Our strategy is to combine leadership in sustainability with market-leading innovation to deliver consistent top and bottom-line growth, with profit growing ahead of sales, ahead of volume. This enables us to help to meet global challenges and capture new opportunities.

Croda Annual Report 2022

Croda Annual Report 2022 cover
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Croda 2022 non-financial data pack

A strategy for a changing world

Consumers globally are looking to play their part in living more sustainably through the products that they buy. We enable customers to meet their sustainability goals through the sustainable benefits in use of our innovation and by improving the impact of our operations and supply chains. This includes removing fossil based ingredients, reducing emissions, restoring biodiversity and ensuring transparency through our supply chains. Our restorative sustainability strategy is built on 23 UN SDG targets, grouped around the themes of climate, nature and society, hence our commitment to be Climate, Land and People Positive by 2030.

Our Group strategy is complemented by our sector strategies and strategic priorities. 

Sector strategies

Strengthen Consumer Care:
Innovate for sustainable ingredients
Expand our full formulation capabilities
Deliver on Iberchem sales synergies
Expand Life Sciences:
Expand range of technologies in Pharma
Scale up operations across Pharma platforms
Accelerate the development of biopesticides in Crop

Strategic priorities

Fast grow Asia:

  • Solus Biotech integration
  • Investing in technical capability
  • Expanding local sales teams

Scale Biotech:

  • Leveraging recent acquisitions for early stage research
  • New application laboratories for scale-up
  • Focused investment on niche innovation

 Proactive M&A:

  • ‘Chief Scouts’ appointed
  • Targeting knowledge-rich businesses
  • For subsequent geographic expansion and scale-up

Doing the basics brilliantly:

  • Improving the customer experience through insight
  • More digital connectivity
  • Self-serve data for customers

Croda corporate strategy


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