Smart science to improve lives™
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Our strategy

Sustainability + Innovation = Growth

Over the last 18 months we have accelerated key elements of our strategy to progress our transition to a dedicated Consumer Care and Life Sciences company. Across these markets, sustainability together with innovation will drive our future growth. We are focused on implementation, working in partnership with our customers and suppliers, to deliver on our Purpose of using Smart science to improve lives.

A strategy for a changing world


Aligning our business with our Purpose and accelerating our customers’ transition to sustainable ingredients.


  • 1.5°C Science Based Target verified
  • Implementing decarbonisation roadmaps for our sites; quantified capex required
  • Completed periodic reassessment of our material issues and climate related risks and opportunities
  • Croda Foundation established to permanently improve more lives

Consumer Care  

  • Established Consumer Care as a new sustainability solutions provider in premium markets
  • Acquired Alban Muller to accelerate our transition to more natural raw materials
  • Selling our ECO range of bio-based products to replace petrochemical based surfactants in Home and Personal Care products

Life Sciences  

  • Meeting the sustainability challenges of Crop Care customers with low carbon, bio-based and biodegradable delivery systems
  • More than doubled number of World Health Organisation (WHO) vaccine projects we are working on, to support vaccines for 15 of the WHO’s 24 priority diseases

Pursuing our Commitment

Strategic priorities by sector

Across sectors, we are looking at more proactive M&A activity, delivering fast growth in China, scaling our biotechnology capability, building our digital capability, ensuring a robust global supply chain, and becoming an employer of choice.

Strengthen to grow Consumer Care

Expand full formulation service in premium markets, including delivering planned Iberchem revenue synergies. Invest to build strong sales in China and grow sales of ECO to Personal and Home Care customers.

Expand to grow Life Sciences

Expand the range of applications for patient health technologies and continue to scale up operations. Accelerate the development of biopesticide delivery systems and continue to invest resource in higher growth regions.

Case study: Investing in natural fragrances

In June 2021 we built on the foundation that Iberchem has provided in the fragrances and flavours market with the acquisition of Parfex, a fine fragrance business based in Grasse in the South of France. Grasse has been the centre of the world’s perfume industry since the 18th century. It is blessed with abundant natural fragrance sources, producing two thirds of the natural raw materials used by the French perfume industry. Parfex employs a dedicated team of perfumers working on natural fragrances and has recently launched a new renewable range. We are creating a new R&D facility that will become the creation centre for natural, sustainable, biodegradable and fine fragrances within Croda.

The new R&D centre will provide more than 2,000 square metres of laboratory and office space. Sustainability and the customer experience were at the heart of the design of the new centre. The centre incorporates a ‘green’ roof with fragrance vegetation and the space has been designed to enable collaboration with our customers, perfumers and R&D specialists. This investment in natural fragrances for premium personal care and fine perfumery is a potential differentiator in the fragrance markets.

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