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Climate Positive

We will continue reducing our carbon footprint and increasing our use of bio-based raw materials. The benefits in use of our ingredients will enable more carbon to be saved than we emit through our operations and supply chain. By becoming Climate Positive we will directly contribute towards the following UN SDG targets: 

SDG 7.2, SDG 7.3, SDG 9.4, SDG 12.2, SDG 13.2, SDG 17

Our scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions are externally verified and we received reasonable verification in 2020, the highest level of external verification.


  • Croda was the third major chemical company to commit to becoming net zero by 2050 and have a 1.5°C Science Based Target verified
  • 'B' awarded for our 2020 CDP Climate Change score, recognising our management of climate-related risks and opportunities
  • 67% of our organic origin raw materials were bio-based in 2020, coming from renewable crops and biotechnology
  • 839,220 tonnes of CO2e will be avoided through the use of our products sold during 2020, as verified by Avieco
  • 10 sites prepared decarbonisation roadmaps, representing 90% of our scope 1 and 2 emissions

Climate Positive: our world in 2030

Our targets

We are developing our sustainability strategy to 2030, ensuring our alignment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Croda 2020 scope 1, 2 and 3 verification statement

Croda Sustainability Report

Croda 2020 Sustainability Report
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Objectives and examples of progress

We will enable the transition to a low carbon economy. We will be Climate Positive, working closely with our customers to develop products that offer carbon saving benefits in use.

Our ingredients offer many sustainability benefits in use, including helping our customers and their consumers to reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions. Our Carbon Cover target means that by 2030 the use of our products will avoid four times the carbon emissions associated with our business. To achieve this target, we will:

  • Discover and account for avoided emissions using our existing ingredients
  • Develop innovative carbon-saving ingredients to meet our customers’ needs

Case study: Benefits in use carbon savings

We have identified several Carbon Cover case studies for our ingredients, quantifying the avoided emissions associated with their use. Our methodology for quantifying and reporting these avoided emissions is externally verified by Avieco. Product case studies verified in 2020:

  • PaddyRiseTM - a seed treatment that increases the resilience of young rice plants to pests and diseases, resulting in a yield improvement, which reduces the emissions intensity of rice production
  • MatexilTM LTW Textile - an additive for fabric dying that enables processing at lower temperatures, resulting in energy savings
  • Veritas - a biostimulant that has been shown to improve yields in soybean plants, leading to more efficient land use and associated carbon savings
  • Some Croda by-products are also sold as feedstocks for biofuels, used in place of petrochemical fuels. This offers a renewable route to generating energy avoiding emissions associated with burning fossil fuels.

The total avoided emissions associated with ingredients from verified case studies was
839,220 tonnes CO2e in 2020 - equivalent to a carbon cover ratio of 0.8:1. 

Use of these products will also avoid 38.5 million m3 of water throughout their lifetime. On average, as one person uses between 52m3 and 58m3 of water each year, the reduction in water though the use of our products is equivalent to the annual needs of some 660,000 people. 

By the end of 2024 we will have evaluated 100% of our existing product portfolio for downstream carbon impact and accounted for two million tonnes of CO2e avoided emissions. 

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