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Beyond boundaries

News, videos, infographics and podcasts exploring some of the most exciting and innovative stories about Croda’s novel ingredients, its incredible sustainability achievements, and its prioneering collaborations with customers, academia and industry partners.

Data and analytics

Innovation that enables positive environmental impact

Improving lives through smart science requires more than just pockets of innovative technology, it requires an innovative growth mindset at the heart of any business. At Croda, innovation is central to everything we do. We create novel ingredients; we build pioneering collaborations and partnerships that unlock hidden potential; and we encourage our teams to explore and challenge in the pursuit of better outcomes for society; for customers; and for Croda itself. All our innovation is geared towards one thing – moving beyond the boundaries of existing thinking, technology, and expertise. Remaining confined to what we know and can do today, limits our people’s ability to improve people’s lives.

The most valuable resource we have for achieving this outcome is our people, with this in mind, we want to showcase some of the extraordinary innovative work they are delivering to demonstrate their technical brilliance; ability to knock down barriers; and phenomenal desire to constantly push beyond existing boundaries.

‘Beyond Boundaries’ therefore offers a range of new content, in multiple forms, covering a multitude of topics, all focused on innovation at Croda. From taking inspiration from the food and drinks sector to cut energy requirements by almost 100%; to improving yields from tomato harvests by simply looking at batches of seeds, our people and their work are enabling the industries we serve to achieve more and play a major role in improving lives around the world through smart science. We will also cover the positive environmental effects and impacts of how our innovative people are helping Croda to become more sustainable.

Our innovation campaign

The first in a new series of stories about innovation at Croda, explores how data and analytics are changing the landscape for employees, customers, and our business.

The importance of innovation at Croda

Innovation is the process or action of innovating, and at Croda is the lifeblood of the business.

data analytics

Beyond boundaries: Data and analytics

We are pioneering the use of data science and artificial intelligence (AI) across Croda, by exploring innovative ways to use this technology.


Beyond boundaries: Life cycle assessment

Croda has developed a groundbreaking new ‘cradle-to-grave’ life cycle assessment (LCA) tool that can determine a chemical product’s total environmental impact.

Damian Kelly, Vice President, Innovation & Technology

"Innovation and sustainability are at the heart of Croda's strategy. This collection of content showcases the very best of where they converge to deliver tangible impact on people, the environment, wider society, and our business. It's a real demonstration of how smart science can improve lives and how our people are the engine for that outcome."