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Life cycle assessment

Croda has developed a groundbreaking new ‘cradle-to-grave’ life cycle assessment (LCA) tool that can determine a chemical ingredient's total environmental impact.

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A new groundbreaking tool to understand environmental impact

Our environment is intricately interconnected and an ingredient's effects on it cannot be understood without a big picture view. This means visibility of the entire value chain, beyond the factory gate, is essential to fully understanding an ingredient's real implications. Modelling the entire environmental profile of an ingredient from cradle-to-grave is complex. But it is a challenge Croda has undertaken on to support its own sustainability goals and those of its customers. The end result is a groundbreaking new LCA tool that offers a user-friendly way to determine a chemical ingredient's total environmental impact.

Below you will find a series of content as part of our ‘Beyond Boundaries’ campaign that explores how and why the LCA tool was developed; the impact it is already having; and how Croda is using it internally and with customers to improve collective understanding of true environmental impact.

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Life cycle assessment
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In an era where regulatory landscapes are constantly evolving, Croda's LCA tool emerges as a proactive link for companies striving to navigate and surpass environmental standards. By delving deep into the intricacies of product and process environmental footprints, this innovative tool empowers companies to anticipate regulatory shifts and drive targeted innovation. With a keen focus on understanding current shortcomings and areas for improvement, companies can leverage the insights provided by the LCA tool to spearhead the development of cutting-edge solutions that not only meet but exceed regulatory expectations. This forward-thinking approach not only ensures compliance but also positions companies at the forefront of sustainable innovation, setting new benchmarks for environmental responsibility in the process.
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Croda's LCA tool champions the adoption of sustainable ingredients, offering a platform for companies to accurately quantify and showcase the benefits of these environmentally friendly alternatives. By integrating data on sustainable sourcing practices, renewable materials, and eco-friendly production methods, the tool enables users to precisely assess the positive impact of utilising such ingredients throughout the product lifecycle. This not only facilitates informed decision-making but also empowers companies to transparently communicate their commitment to sustainability, building trust with consumers and stakeholders alike. Through the promotion of sustainable ingredient usage, Croda's LCA tool plays a pivotal role in driving the implementation of greener practices across industries, paving the way for a more resilient and eco-conscious future.

LCA explained by our experts

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Croda's innovative LCA tool enables both Croda and its partners to significantly reduce their total environmental footprint. By providing comprehensive insights into the entire lifecycle of chemical ingredients, this tool empowers users to pinpoint areas for improvement and implement targeted strategies for environmental enhancement. With a clear understanding of the broader impact of their ingredients, Croda and its partners can make informed decisions to minimise resource consumption, reduce emissions, and optimise processes, fostering a more sustainable future for all.

Sarah Davidson, Technology Development Lead

"The LCA approach has already proven itself to be extremely useful, even though we are still in its early days. It's important to emphasise that the output of LCA is more than just the data it provides – value is obtained in the decisions we make to improve our ingredients and operations. LCA will help Croda (and our partners) to make better and more sustainable decisions about ingredients and facilities for the foreseeable future. This will be increasingly important in the next few years, as companies across the world focus on becoming more sustainable. "

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