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Our Fundamentals

Our social licence to operate is built on trust and is the foundation of everything we do. We consider all stakeholders in our ecosystem and strive to adopt best practices with regard to the environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. Through our Fundamentals, we will directly contribute towards the following UN SDG targets:

SDG 3.4, SDG 3.9, SDG 4.3, SDG 6.3, SDG 6.4, SDG 8.5, SDG 8.8, SDG 12.2, SDG 12.5, SDG 12.6, SDG 12.7, SDG 14.1

By being a responsible business, we are contributing to a wide range of SDGs, as determined by our specific actions and projects.


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Our targets

We are developing our sustainability strategy to 2030, ensuring our alignment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



Behavioural and process safety are extremely important for us at Croda, the safety of our employees and neighbours is of paramount importance.


Health Safety and wellbeing

Responsible business

Quality assurance

Environmental stewardship

Knowledge management

Supplier partnerships and sustainable sourcing

Our progress

Living Wage employer globally

In 2018, we gained accreditation in the UK as a Living Wage Employer from the Living Wage Foundation. We extended our work to be a Living Wage Employer globally, completing an assessment of all employees worldwide in 2021. This was done in partnership with the Fair Wage Network, establishing  a Living Wage in each of the countries in which we operate and ensuring all employees receive this as a minimum, even more important in light of the global cost of living crisis. We are now working with the Fair Wage Network to gain accreditation for our work and to ensure our progress stands up to external scrutiny. In 2022, we also began the process of ensuring all our regular contractors are paid a Living Wage and plan to achieve this milestone before the end of 2024.

During 2022, we enhanced benefits according to regional needs and provided financial support to counter the increase in employees' cost of living. This included introducing free private healthcare for all UK employees, deciding not to increase employee contributions into our defined benefit pension scheme, and giving one-off cost-of-living payments that benefitted our lower paid employees the most.

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