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Croda is a company that we all feel proud to work for. This sense of pride is underpinned by strong standards of ethical business conduct. Our success as a business depends upon each employee preserving our corporate reputation and creating an environment where we live by our ethical principles.

At Croda our Purpose is to use Smart science to improve lives™, enabled by our distinctive values-led culture that governs how we work with one another and guides our relationships with our partners. We combine our knowledge, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit to create, make, and sell speciality ingredients that are relied on by industries and consumers everywhere.

Responsible and ethical behaviour is fundamental to the way we operate at Croda. Through Our Purpose, we have set out to create a positive difference to the environment and to society. We will only achieve Our Commitment by striving to do better in all that we do.
The Company has in place an Ethics Committee, which is responsible for the development, reinforcement, oversight and cascading of the Company’s ethics and compliance strategy, Code of Conduct and other policies and procedures related to Croda’s ethics and anti-corruption programme. The work of the Ethics Committee is demonstrative of our top-level commitment to ethics and anti-corruption risk management. The Ethics Committee meets on a quarterly basis.

Operating responsibly

It is always our policy to conduct our business throughout the world with honesty and integrity. Ethics touches every aspect of our business, and we value the diversity and individual perspectives each of our employees brings. We create an inclusive work environment where everyone can fulfil their potential in a workplace that recognises the value of diversity by being committed to:

  • Ensuring that employees are treated fairly and equitably and free from bias
  • Protecting employees from any form of bullying or harassment
  • Respecting employee rights to join a trade union or other collective employee representative body
  • Providing fair wages that meet or exceed the minimum legal or industry standards
  • Providing fair and transparent policies and procedures to manage employee concerns or disciplinary matters.

We will seek to protect the human rights of every person involved in our operations and supply chain, by being committed to:

  • Ensuring that no forced, trafficked or child labour is used in any of our operations or supply chain by effective monitoring and auditing
  • Taking immediate action if any evidence of the use of forced, trafficked, or child labour is found, and support the victims of these situations
  • Creating a safe working environment free from bullying and harassment.

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Group Code of Ethics

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Compliance