Smart science to improve lives™

About us

We are the name behind the sustainable high-performance ingredients and technologies that feature in many of the world’s most successful brands.

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About us

We create, make and sell speciality chemicals that industries and consumers everywhere depend on.

Established in 1925, we are driven by a focus on our customers, collaborative working, a proactive attitude and the ability to think differently. We encourage our people to work as a unified global team and alongside our customers to find new and sustainable ways to satisfy unmet needs. This means over 6,100 passionate employees in manufacturing sites, laboratories and offices worldwide work with a shared Purpose: using Smart science to improve lives™.

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Where we operate

Every day our global team, across 37 countries, work together to inspire our customers.

Our focus

We are built around our customers and are driven by the wants and desires of consumers. This means anticipating, understanding and satisfying our customers’ needs - inspiring them to achieve even greater success.


We are committed to innovation in every aspect of our business, from the ingredients we create and how we operate, to the natural, renewable raw materials that we use. Industries and consumers worldwide rely on our ingredients and technologies to deliver the product performance they need. We continuously invest in new technology, identifying and integrating novel ways to solve future customer and market needs. Find out more


Our business is underpinned by a focus on sustainability that directs everything we do. This means being committed to using renewable raw materials and environmentally sensitive processes. It’s about working closely with the producers of raw materials and using natural materials from renewable sources to create ingredients with sustainable benefits in use. Find out more
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Croda at a glance

At Croda, we are driven by our Purpose, to use smart science to create high-performance ingredients and technologies that improve lives.

Internal innovation at Croda


Our Board and Executive Committee provide leadership in delivering for our customers and achieving our strategic priorities.

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Our Purpose

‘Smart science’ embodies the knowledge, passion and entrepreneurial spirit of our people to create, make and sell speciality ingredients used by industries and consumers around the world.

Our business model

Our business model is designed to create long-term, sustainable value.

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Our Board are responsible for good governance and are committed to the highest standards of corporate governance.

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Our strategy

Our focus on innovation, sustainability and growth ensures that Croda smart science helps our customers meet their own sustainability targets as well as consumer demands.