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Croda Formulator at work in labs

Where we operate

We are a global company with operational locations specifically chosen to enable close customer working. We constantly invest in existing markets and expand into new ones to provides our customers with the most focused and responsive service.

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Asia Pacific

The region has 11 offices including the regional headquarters in Singapore, nine manufacturing sites and nine R&D laboratories.

Manufacturing site at Rawcliffe Bridge, UK

Europe and EEMEA

Croda Europe and EEMEA has 15 offices and 10 manufacturing sites spread across the region, with our global headquarters based in Yorkshire, UK.

Latin America banner.

Latin America

In Latin America, we have a manufacturing site in Campinas, Brazil and six other sales offices within the region.

Croda North American headquarters

North America

Croda Inc is the North American headquarters for Croda, we have four manufacturing sites, five innovation centres and five sales hubs in the region.