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These trends influence market demand and therefore growth across Croda, providing new opportunities and shaping our approach.

Supply Chain


We are committed to being the most sustainable supplier of innovative ingredients by 2030 and being net zero by 2050.

Population growth, limited resources, inequality, loss of biodiversity and climate change are the major crises facing our planet today. 2010-2020 was the hottest decade on record, with average temperatures 1% higher than the previous 10 years and likely to be 4% higher by 2050.1

Sustainability underpins how Croda people think in technical, operational and commercial terms, and is the biggest driver of our strategy. This recognises that long-term value creation is driven by the intersection of innovation and sustainability. We support this by investing in sustainability, through acquisitions and partnerships, and organic investments.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a framework to evaluate where we can make meaningful contributions, and provides a common language with our customers and suppliers. Our non-financial metrics are monitored alongside financial ones and are linked to specific UN SDG targets. 
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Emerging markets

We see rising demand for anti-ageing, beauty and health products as incomes rise and consumers’ expectations change.

Countries represented in the MSCI Emerging Market index are diverse, but all boast high per capita GDP growth and growing populations. Economic growth is being enabled by technology and an opening up of markets. Emerging economies also present sustainability challenges since rapid mass urbanisation and a desire to raise standards of living can also pose threats to environmental and societal health. Rising consumption and an expanding middle class are increasing demand for consumer goods and health care, and particularly for products that improve living standards. This is a notable trend in beauty and personal care, particularly in Asia Pacific, which is now almost 40% of the global beauty market.

Recognising that market structures and associated regulatory frameworks are still developing in emerging markets, we place a special emphasis on governance, sustainability and business ethics. We are investing in local R&D laboratories in developing regions and in manufacturing facilities to reduce supply chain length and bring supplies closer to customers. Recent examples include manufacturing capacity for health and personal care in Japan, and opening an innovation and technical centre in Shanghai.
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Our own digital transformation journey recognises that digital touches every aspect of our business and the markets we serve.

Digital offers unparalleled opportunities to help overcome the world’s biggest challenges. Whether it’s increasing calls for integrity in supply chains, speeding up innovation, ‘doing more with less’ or rapidly growing expectations for reporting and disclosure, digital tools bring speed, intelligence, connected supply chains and efficiency gains.

Digitalisation both empowers consumers and drives new expectations. People expect greater choice and want to know more about the products they use, favouring companies that innovate responsibly, are transparent and demonstrate their purpose in their actions.

We want to improve the customer experience by ensuring we are well connected with customers and easy to do business with. Intensified use of digital is driving our innovation programme with, for example, data science and artificial intelligence shortening product development life cycles. In 2020 we focused on digitalising our UK synthesis labs and investing in knowledge management to better leverage global R&D expertise. Next steps will see us explore further digital opportunities and applications in areas that include operations, supply chain and procurement.
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