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Of the trends affecting our markets and supply chains, we have identified three key global challenges where delivery of our Commitment can maximise positive impacts on planet and society. Our response to each continues to develop as we work towards our Commitment to be Climate, Land and People Positive by 2030. Aligning our work with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ensures Croda is tackling the most important challenges to deliver positive impact.

The challenge

World population passed eight billion in 2022 and is expected to reach nearly ten billion by 20501 with the majority of the increase coming in South and East Asia, and Africa. Feeding this growing population will require a 70%2 increase in agricultural output by 2050, and the challenge is achieving this in a sustainable, regenerative way. Agriculture has undergone yield-enhancing shifts in the past but yields of important crops such as rice and wheat have now stopped rising in some intensively farmed parts of the world. Agricultural soils have been overused and overexposed to chemical fertilisers, destroying their vitality and threatening the food security of 3.2 billion people3, especially poor rural communities and smallholder farmers. Since most suitable land is already farmed, most of this growth will come from higher yields and more resilient crops in less suitable land, supported by restoring degraded ecosystems.

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Digitalisation facilitating faster, more connected supply chains

Digital is changing expectations about transparency, with consumers demanding businesses take responsibility for not just their own operations but also their supply chains and end of life of their products. Digital is also increasing the speed at which new trends are adopted and enabling businesses to deliver transformative solutions from wherever they are conceived. Successful products are those which are innovative, highly effective, low impact, sustainably sourced and clearly labelled.

Megatrends in our markets

In response to these global challenges, the Consumer Care and Life Sciences markets have inspired two technological megatrends, where innovative ingredients from leading suppliers like Croda can support the delivery of significant positive impact on planet and society.

Move to sustainable ingredients

Consumers want to live more sustainably, which influences their decisions when purchasing products. Generational shifts are accelerating these trends, increasingly consumers are willing to pay more for purpose-led brands that meet their specific values. Sustainability will be the biggest single driver of consumer markets over the next decade and beyond.

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Move to biologics

In Life Sciences, the 20th century was the era of the small molecule: relatively simple compounds made by chemical synthesis. The 21st century is the era of biologics: giant molecules manufactured inside animal cells or micro-organisms, that are already transforming medicine and will transform agriculture over the next decade.

Positioned to benefit from these megatrends

Through the divestment of most of our industrials business, and the acquisitions we have made in recent years, Croda has significantly repositioned to be more closely aligned with the powerful megatrends that are reshaping our markets. We are becoming a pure play company, focused on high value niches in consumer care and life science markets. 

We are positively impacting everyday life in Consumer Care, developing ingredients which help promote consumers’ wellbeing, confidence and self esteem.  Having refocused our Pharma portfolio, we are pioneering the future of health care by focusing on segments with the highest development needs. With the crop care market at a pivotal point in its development, we are innovating for sustainable agriculture, helping to address the sustainability challenges of today, and developing new systems for the delivery of the biopesticides of tomorrow.

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