Established in 1955 as a joint venture with Marzotto, the wool clothes producer and Ugo Boss Stylist company owner, Croda Italiana was the first European subsidiary of Croda Int. Plc. As producer of Lanolin. Since 1965 premises were moved to existing location and ownership passed 100% to Croda with integration of Adhesives and Metalworking operations. Since 2005 it became a trading unit looking after Italy, Slovenja and Croatia.

Dedicated to continuous improvement both in Sales and QSHE aspects, the team is very proactive and oriented to a “Group” mentality. 1% Club activities involve people into social and University lessons.

IRB, established in 1999 as a private Biotech start-up company, was acquired in 2012. Fully owned by Croda Italiana, IRB has through the years developed a unique plant cell culture platform to extract active ingredients mainly for cosmetic and health care applications that integrate the Sederma portfolio. For this reason IRB products are sold within the Group via the Sederma organisation.

The team is composed by highly skilled and committed technicians that together with Sederma colleagues form a unique team dedicated to R&D and production.”


Croda Italiana S.p.A
Via Pietro Grocco, 915
27036 Mortara (PV)
Tel. +39 0384 205011