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20 Years of Manufacture in Singapore

Croda Celebrates Over 20 Years of Halal Manufacturing in Singapore

Following the news of the plant expansion in Singapore, Croda International Plc, manufacturer of speciality chemical ingredients that enhance everyday consumer and industrial products, celebrates over 20 years of manufacturing halal certified products at the site.

Having held site-wide halal certification for the manufacture of products in Singapore since the mid-1990s, Croda understands the importance of serving the needs of the growing halal market segment. All of the products manufactured at its Singapore site are certified by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) or Islamic Religious Council of Singapore. It is widely recognised globally in key halal markets as Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Today, Croda holds halal certification for over 200 different products from its various manufacturing sites around the world, including the Singapore location. These products are sold into several market segments, including personal care, home care, food and the health and pharmaceutical industries. The halal certified range consists of speciality emulsifiers, emulsifying waxes, wetting agents, detergents, rheology and thickening agents, emollients and solubilisers. This broad range of high performance specialities provides formulators with the flexibility to create halal certified formulations that consumers will love. Additionally, Croda is actively seeking to further expand its product offerings to meet the needs of customers and global consumers by obtaining certification for sites that currently do not possess halal registration.

Dr Nick Challoner, President of Asia at Croda said: “At Croda, we differentiate ourselves by knowing and being able to offer what our customers need to meet their consumers’ expectations. We are one of the leaders in manufacturing to halal standards in our industry and continue to look to extend this commitment by actively seeking certification of additional manufacturing sites and products to satisfy growing demand.”

“We expect to see accelerated growth in the halal segment with the passing of the Halal Product Assurance Law in Indonesia. With increased capacity and capabilities in Singapore, and the same expertise across our other operations, we are well positioned to continue to develop new and exciting innovations for the specific needs of the Muslim population not only in Southeast Asia, but also globally.”

Croda Singapore manufacturing site and offices