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Five year investment plan in Brazil

Croda Brazil, part of Croda International Plc, who make speciality chemical ingredients that enhance everyday consumer and industrial products, has just announced the opening of a new distribution centre near Campinas, Brasil. At a cost of nearly R$ 4 million, this investment is part of a five year plan to meet the growing demands of its customers, both in Brazil and across Latin America.

Strategically located near to its manufacturing site in Campinas and Viracopos International Airport, Croda’s new distribution centre will centralise the whole outbound logistic operation, providing even greater support to its customers through more efficient processes. With an increased storage capacity double to what was previously available in Brazil, Croda demonstrates its commitment to the region and to its customers, as it reduces response time by up to 24 hours.

The new distribution centre will comply with the most demanding national and international standards of quality, which not only includes storage but also transportation - both inbound and outbound.

At In the design and build of this investment, efforts to reduce the environmental impact of the facility were also made, through the implementation of an intelligent LED lighting system that is sensitive to movement and aims to lower power consumption. This supports the company´s sustainability programme and core values to be a responsible business which continually improves.

 “The five year investment plan is a crucial part of Croda’s strategy to be more closely aligned with our customers’ needs, leveraging  our continued focus on innovation and improving both our market alignment and close customer contact,” said Mr. Marco Carmini, Managing Director, Croda Latin America.