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Incotec Invests in North America

Leading seed enhancement company Incotec, part of Croda, announces an investment in their North America business. The total investment of the operation is budgeted at over 4 M USD. This demonstrates a large commitment to invest in the future of Incotec’s vegetable business.  The first investments have already been made with a targeted completion date in the first quarter of 2018.

Incotec will concentrate and strengthen its seed enhancement operations in Salinas California. The Salinas location will be completely modernised and automated, well equipped to deliver innovation to meet the needs of its customers. Besides a gain in efficiency, expected benefits are simplified logistics and quality improvements. The investment will also support the R&D efforts in vegetables, field and ornamental crops.

In North America, the vast majority of vegetables are grown in California. Being close to the market is important for delivery time and interaction with growers. Hence Incotec’s operations are in the heartland of the vegetable production.

North America is the largest market for seed enhancement in field crops and projected to grow.  The main crops are corn, rice, wheat, soybean, cotton, canola and cereals.  Incotec is known as the high quality provider in a very competitive market.