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Meeting the demand of the Green Consumer

Croda Continues to Meet the Demand of the ‘Green’ Consumer with New Ecocert Certification

Croda is pleased to announce the Ecocert approval of two of its transparent grades of mineral UV filters, Solaveil CT-300 (Titanium Dioxide) and Solaveil CZ-300 (Zinc Oxide).

Helene Hine, Marketing Manager said “This is great news for companies seeking natural certification for their UV protection products. Formulators now have a much wider choice and no longer need to compromise aesthetics when selecting mild and effective ingredients. Ideal for daily wear skin care, these actives meet consumers’ expectations by leaving no white residue on skin and when used in combination provide broad-spectrum protection for sun care formulations.”

This certification comes after Ecocert confirmed that they would approve Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide irrespective of particle size as long as they meet the criteria outlined in the recent SCCS opinions.

“This is another positive development for nano grades of Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. Croda firmly believe in the value of ultrafine mineral UV filters and are actively engaged in activities to resolve the nano debate as it relates to these products. We are pleased with this recent development and the opportunities it opens up for our customers, and ultimately the end consumer.” said Helene Hine.

These two new approvals are in addition to the already approved Solaveil XT-300 and Solaveil XT-40W, Titanium Dioxide ingredients which meet EU requirements for broad-spectrum protection from a single active.